Deep Mental Retreat – Delta Brainwaves


Headphones Required

Two Downloadable Mp3’s

Isocronic Tones

Runtime 60 Minutes




Deep Mental Retreat

This Meditation is designed to be planned retreat an amazing one-of-a-kind Soul retreat or vacation for the heart & soul to rejuvenate you at every level of your being in today’s fast changing world.

Delta waves are our superconscious empathy, interaction and radar connection to our full multidimensional perception. Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, oneness with the universe (samadhi), and near death experiences. Delta provides intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight.

When you are in “delta reality” you will be immersed into what might almost feel as if it was a non-physical reality although it is VERY real and your perceptions will be from your Superconscious or Higher Self. As you remember your multidimensional consciousness, you will be able to live in an “Awakened” state with a perception far surpassing “normal” reality.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased Pleasure
  • Increased Energy
  • Knowingness
  • Optimism
  • Feeling of Oneness
  • Increased Well Being
  • An Awakened State
  • Awareness and Clarity
  • Increased Creativity
  • Natural Healing
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Increased Intuition

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